What is a holiday you think is worth celebrating, personal or otherwise, and how would you celebrate it? Click on their pictures below for their answers, and for the links to their individual websites.


Clara Parkes

I firmly believe that Yarn Day should be made a national holiday. Government offices would be closed, and throughout the land we’d have Yarn Day Parades where folks would compete in making the most original, elaborately decorated float made entirely of yarn. Drummers in the marching bands would click their Susan Bates needles against one another while curly-haired clowns ran along the sidelines juggling large, constantly unraveling balls of yarn. Among the thousands of floats, Barbara Walker would wave from the back of one particularly exquisite creation, while Stephanie Pearl-McPhee would smile and nod - while discreetly knitting - while atop another float. And on the sidelines, millions of little boys and girls would gaze on in amazement and say, "One day that will be me!"