Twist Collective asked our contributors to tell us the story of the best surprise of their lives. Click on their pictures below for their answers, and for the links to their individual websites.


Chrissy Gardiner

My first child hadn't yet turned the week before her due date, so we scheduled a c-section on Valentine's Day. The weekend before, I could feel her moving like crazy but figured she was tired of being in such restricted space. At the hospital, the doctor did a quick ultrasound to be sure Sydney was still breech. Lo and behold, she put the ultrasound wand on my lower belly where we expected Sydney's rump to be and instead we saw a big old head! She'd managed to flip, a real challenge late in a pregnancy. We celebrated our last Valentine's Day as a family of two, and Sydney arrived almost a week later. She is now a fabulous six-year-old who still surprises us every day.