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For all their expertise, support, and favors large and small, Twist Collective wishes to thank Fred, Sean Butler, Walter Clay, Al Alvarez, Diane Jackson, Ted Nelson and Micah Donohue at Mechanica Branding, The Agawam Diner in Rowley, Massachusetts, Linda Dierling, Vicki Splaine, Heather Spellman, and Tick Withington, Jenny Nelson, Peter and Chad Danusis, Richard Pelletier, Ariadne Knits, Barb Osler, Cynthia and David Gilbert, Leslie Ordal, Marnie MacLean, Mary Joy Gumayagay, Richard Mantel, Isabella Geddes, Andreas Mendritzki, Vitalii Oulanov, Marianne Dubuc, Mathieu Lavoie, Léon Lavoie, Geneviève de la Plante, Steve Puente, Morgan Barela, Monica Barela, Elena and Talia, Yedda Morrison

Also the following folks for providing open source tools which allow us to pass more profits onto our contributors:

the Joomla! Team / The Apache HTTP Server Project / The PHP Group / OpenX / Ubuntu / phpBB

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