Dear Problem Ladies, Please help me figure out this Great Sock Mystery. When I knit socks from the toe up, I always need fewer stitches than when I knit them from the cuff down. For example, any sock I knit for myself (plain or ribbed, no cables or anything else that might influence stitch count) from the cuff down usually requires 56 stitches (on US2 needles). Using the same yarn and the same needles, those same socks would take a mere 44 stitches working from the toe up. I don't get it! I haven't figured out why this happens. No other knitter I've asked has had an explanation.
Dear Problem Ladies, I'd like to know your favorite method for weaving in - as you go, at the end, or whenever. I'm always nervous when I give one of my handknits to a friend or family member, knowing there are little ends in there, itching to pop back out.
Loose Ended
Dear Problem Dear Problem Ladies, Is there a way to bind off (when knitting from the top down) so as to prevent stockinette stitch from curling up? Drives me crazy!
Curled Up on the Barcalounger