Twist Collective asked our contributors to tell us the first outfit that they remember thinking about as looking their best. Click on their pictures below for their answers, and for the links to their individual websites.


Jennie Eveleigh Lamond

When I was three my Nana knit me a lilac and yellow sweater that had buttons with little cows on them. I loved those cows, and wore that sweater until it was way too small, it was then handed down to my (unlucky) little brother. I was terrifically jealous. In a fit of pique I cut all of the buttons off of it (thereby ruining the sweater, much to my brother's relief) and hid them in a pile in the basement, which my grandmother found and dumped in her button jar. Only she missed one. I found it, and saved it. Some day I will knit a sweater to put it on.