For this issue, we asked our contributors, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever brought home from your travels?” Click on the pictures for their answers and links to their websites.


Pam Allen

As for bringing something home from travels, I have a handkerchief—that’s right, a hankie—that I bought at the official tourist shop at the Grand Canyon about 15 years ago. It has a map of the canyon printed on it with a few pictures of native wild flowers. I bought that handkerchief before I made my first trek down, across, and up out of the canyon. I’ve since carried that handkerchief on many a camping/hiking trip. It’s as thin as tissue now and you can barely make out the Colorado River flowing through the faded canyon. You’d recognize me on the trail because the hankie is always tied to a strap on my backpack; it flaps around like a little flag.