Dear Twist Collective Readers:

The Problem Ladies are forever finding themselves smack up against a deadline, with no questions to answer and the powers-that-be pacing the floor waiting for us. Recently we came up with a scheme to solve this problem. The scheme involved bribery. (Well, not exactly bribery, but a drawing for prizes on our blog,

Suddenly, the questions flowed like box wine. So many good questions! So many bad (in an amusing way) questions! Being peppered with three hundred questions made us feel like Britain’s Prime Minister standing in front of Parliament with his notebook, and all the MPs shouting questions at him in accusatory tones of voice, and the PM giving as good as he gets and calling them “the Right Honourable Gentleman” in a manner suggesting that they are neither right nor honourable, and snapping his notebook shut. In other words: everyone having a fantastic time.

In this spirit, the Problem Ladies decided to have a go at answering a whole bunch of questions—using only our mental notebooks, which are crammed full of two lifetimes of erratic and perhaps even erroneous knitting information. Take ’em for what they’re worth, and keep knitting. It won’t hurt our feelings if you ask other knitters the same questions until you get an answer you like.

Q. I just wore a big hole in the first pair of socks I knit. It’s on the edge of the foot, and if I try to sew it up, I’m sure there will be an uncomfortable lump and I’ll end up with a blister. Ladies, what should I do? I love those socks. They have served me through many a cold day. Should I revel in the fact that in this world of replaceable items I used something up? Should I pout? What is the acceptable thing to do here?


Q. Why knit lacy socks with holes in them? I just don’t get it. Also, is there a way to knit a sock that will stay on a baby’s foot?


Q. When knitting lace in the round, what is the best way to knit nupps? Any help here would be appreciated.


Q. Why does my cat only like to chew on the really nice yarn (i.e., the cashmere/silk)?