For this issue, we asked our contributors, “What in your life do you consider worth a splurge?” Click on the pictures below for their answers, and for links to their individual websites.


Fiona Ellis

I may have trained as a fashion designer but I tend to wear simple clothes—most of them black—as it makes life simple when I’m traveling. I splurge on accessories; I have a bag fetish and love boots and shoes. I get a real kick out of handmade, statement-making jewelry. Fortunately for my bank balance, this doesn’t extend to a love of “real” jewels. I have one belt that I had real “sticker shock” over, but rationalized it on the way home by calculating that if I wear it once a week for ten years it will be only a few cents per wear (well, OK, more than a few cents). But it has been totally worth that splurge as I always get lots of compliments when I wear it and it makes feel like a million bucks . . . and it wasn’t anywhere near *that* much.