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For all their expertise, support, and favors large and small, Twist Collective wishes to thank Fred, Al Alvarez, Sean Butler, Walter Clay, David Gilbert, Rachael Young, Kristina N. Jones and Gail Kahn of the Horticultural Center at Wellesley College, Stacy Bolcome, Catherine Sauriol, Ana June, Marianne Dubuc, Christopher Riedel, Bruce Weinstein, Jared Flood, Liana Allday and Leslie Henkel of Stewart, Tabori & Chang, and site testers Lindsey LaPlant, Marianne Gries, and Yovani Baez.

Also the following folks for providing open source tools which allow us to pass more profits on to our contributors:

the Joomla! Team / The Apache HTTP Server Project / The PHP Group / OpenX / Ubuntu / phpBB