Can we talk about lace for a moment?

In the realm of “traditional” lace projects, we tend to think of diaphanous sheets of tiny stitches that have been blocked open to reveal a hidden world of soaring buttresses and swooping arcs, twined vines, rosettes, and petals. It’s stunning stuff.

But then you have projects like Dorothy Winn’s Eyebright shawl, which combines elements of that so-called “traditional” lace with non-lacy things. Her design employs some of the most intriguing and challenging components of lace—the acrobatic K3tog, for example—with clustered “dots” and, up top, a smooth band of stockinette. And, whereas a traditional lace project does one thing to yarn, here each stitch family does different things. Which means you'll have to choose your yarn based on which “thing,” or effect, you want to be the loudest.

Let me show you what I mean.