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Fall 2017 ebook

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 October 2017 21:00
Published on Saturday, 30 September 2017 18:06

An ebook of all twelve patterns from the Fall 2017 issue.

Includes Aam Panna, Allegheny, Belem, Bereza, Espe, Farro, Helenium, Iznik, L'Ascenseur, Mangrove, Safdie, Scarrington.

$83.00 $24.00!

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Please note: purchases of individual patterns are final and cannot be credited toward the purchase of the ebook at a later date.


Aam Panna by Lana Jois Allegheny by Glenna C Scarrington by Fiona Ellis Bereza by Susanna IC
Espe by Susanna IC Farro by Marnie MacLean Helenium by Amanda Scheuzger Iznik by Barbara Gregory
L&rsqu;Ascenseur by Sara Burch Mangrove by Marnie MacLean Safdie by Quenna Lee Scarrington by Fiona Ellis