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Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.


Happy Friday, fashion fans! It's been snraining in Toronto, snowing and raining alternately, or sometimes, seemingly, at the same exact time. It's what Homer Simpson would call "lousy smarch weather" and seems both like winter's last jab, and the tender beginnings of springtime. 


We're doing something a little different this week, and I have to admit, it's out of my comfort zone! We're looking at a men's sweater.


side-view of Sigulda on a male model. The sweater has a crew neck, colorwork around the yoke, and then a textured, waffley stitch for the body and sleeves. The main color is navy, and the colorwork is bright blue and cream.


This sweater is a classic. With such squishy texture, who wouldn't want to wear this? The yoke patterning is bold but not too busy. I love the geometric patterns, and I think these colors might be perfect, though I would also love to see it in foresty greens or shades of grey. Those choices would keep the sweater pretty neutral and timeless. If you are into a kitch factor, a bright ski-sweater primary combination would be striking and gorgeous.


Me, I think everyone should wear whatever they want, whether those clothes were initally designed or intentioned for a certain gender or set of humans. Part of what is so exciting about knitting garments is that you can make them fit your body (or the body of the person you're knitting for), perfectly, even if that body doesn't at all resemble the model in the photos. We have a women's version of Sigulda too, and the differences between the two are pretty slight. A different neckline, a some waist shaping. Use the shape that works for you.



Both gendered versions of Sigulda. The female model is standing in front of the male model. Her sweater is the color of oatmeal, and the colorowork is red and orange. Hers has a turtleneck, and otherwise the sweaters are the same. The paid is standing on a dirt path with trees in the background


Also, though we publish more patterns for women than for men, the men's section of our shop is bigger than you might think. Take a peek!


Two outfits with the Sigulda sweater. on the left it is with sneakers and camo pants. o the right, with a plaid shirt on top, slim jeans, and dark brown boots


This was my first time styling men's outfits on Polyvore, so be gentle, sweet readers. It was hard! I practice styling for women by getting dressed every single day (sometimes more than once in a day) but I don't have a lot of experience picking outfits for men. Also, the clothing images in Polyvore are all imported by users, and the vast majority of those are women, styling for other women. So the selection of stuff to pick from is really limited! I think these are pretty nice, but I would also love to hear what you think of them!


How will you wear Sigulda?