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Throwback Thursday: Luminen

Published on Thursday, 22 October 2015 06:02

Hey all, Marnie here. Carly is extra busy at her day job and I'm pitching in until she is back to her normal workload schedule. Isn't it frustrating when the day job tramples on the rest of life? She gave me a list of suggested #throwbackthursday options but I already knew what I wanted to do because I've been looking at old patterns and this one always feels under-appreciated to me. 



Luminen by Mari Muinonen is just, wow. If you recognize that designer's name it's because she designed one of Twist's most popular patterns, Sylvi, a take on Little Red Ridinghood that is downright breathtaking. Well, Luminen is the Ice Queen's answer to Little Red's jacket and it doesn't skimp on the details.

Right away, you notice the pockets which are edged in cables that run straight up the center-front and into the hood. Give 'em a gander.


These cables are beautiful enough to stand on their own but check out the business in back.


That sound was me swooning. Look at those beautiful snowflakes.

I love this piece in white and it seems true to the vision, but since the snowflakes are knit individually, I think this would be just as stunning in almost any shade of blue from icy to navy, but really, there's no limit to the colors you could choose. It's your piece, after all.




What do you think? Is this a piece that you missed when it was first released? Check out all the details and let us know what you think using the hashtag, #throwbackthursday