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Twist Collective Blog

Twist in Ravelry

Do we at Twist ever tell you, the knitters out there, how much we like you? It's a lot. We think about you guys all the time and how we can make a better product for you. One thing we've quietly rolled out is integration with Ravelry so that the patterns you buy from us will also be in your Ravelry library.

It was a hard decision to make. On the one hand, we want your pattern buying experience to be as good as we can make it, and offering patterns through Ravelry makes it even more convenient for customers to buy their patterns and find them in their library and purchase gift patterns for friends and family. On the other hand, we really count on your visits to our site. The generous folks who support our magazine with their ads and yarn help us defray the cost of producing patterns so we can keep prices down and pay designers, tech editors, photographers, programmers, layout designers, models and everyone else, a fair wage.

So we hope that these new enhancements will be a boon to all of you and we hope you'll still stop by our site, flip through the magazine and, if you see something you like, click some of the lovely ads our supporters have placed in the editions and the shop. Of course, we always welcome feedback and if you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.

For those of you making purchases directly from our site, here's how to add your purchase to your ravelry library.

Step 1:
Add your purchases to your basket.

Step 2:
Check out and choose your method of payment. We offer both PayPal and credit card options.


Step 3:
You'll receive an email from Twist Collective with a link that will allow you to add your pattern to your Ravelry library. This is a special link. It doesn't expire, but it will only work one time.


Step 4:
Ravelry will ask you to authorize access to your account. If you are already logged into Ravelry, it will tell you which user name is in use. If you wish to link the pattern to a different account, use the "sign in as a different user" link.


Step 5:
A confirmation page will display letting you know that your pattern is in your library.


Before setting up pattern sales in Ravelry, we gave designers the option to opt-out of having their patterns included. A few patterns that are available on our site are not available to add to your Ravelry library. You'll receive the notification below if one of your purchases is unavailable in Ravelry. Moving forward, all new patterns will be available both on our site and through Ravelry.