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by Connie Chang Chinchio

originally posted to her blog.

For Sabbatical, I worked a kind of tubular cast on for the hems. To work a 3×3 tubular cast on, it’s very important that the cast on has the same number of knit stitches as it does purl stitches. If it doesn’t, then the resulting edge will slant — not a very attractive look. For those sizes where the knits don’t equal the purls, work a regular long tail cast on. Otherwise, a 3×3 tubular cast on is worked by provisionally casting on half the number of stitches needed. Next, work 4 rows in stockinette with the 1st row worked a purl row. Then, unzip the provisional cast on and put the resultant live stitches on another needle; you now have both ends of the fabric on needles:


Fold the fabric up so the right sides (the knit sides) are facing out and the needles are parallel to each other:


With a third needle, k3 stitches from the front needle (silver needle) and then p3 stitches from the back needle (gold needle). Proceed until all stitches are worked. You then have a nice, rounded edge: