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Julia here. Since I'm in a sharing mood, I thought I'd tell you about some of the little things I've seen around the knitting world lately that have made me smile.  If you follow our Twitter feed, you may recognize a few of them, with my apologies.

1) A few weeks ago when I went to the Hub Mills Store to fondle the new Classic Elite Yarns, like the Verde Collection Chesapeake with which we had Tonia Barry knit her gorgeous Goose Rocks (I love the green colorway, especially). I also fell in love with these little zippered "yarn cases" from a new-to-me source, Walker Bags (scroll down the page for the yarn case).  The mesh is a little bit rigid and smooth and stands up like a charm, and all the inside seams are finished with tape. I bought a pink one for sock knitting, but I currently have it assigned to a baby sweater I'm making for my nephew.


2) The kick-ass-cool and competent Astrid from the Dreamworks animated movie How to Train Your Dragon wears a jersey I am almost certain is made from nalbinding.  I want to congratulate whoever it was in the Dreamworks studio who figured that one out.  I wonder if they are a knitter (or a nalbinder). (Image of Astrid and voice talent America Ferrera borrowed from IMDB).


3) Something else I saw recently in my local yarn store rounds were these beautiful (shawl) pins made by Bonnie Bishoff. These are engineered really well so that they actually stay "hooked", and the clever little ring that ensures such security doubles as a place to hang your reading glasses.  You know, if you need such a thing. Contact Yarns in the Farms if you're enchanted by them the way I was.


4) Next week we have a few more Designers sharing their design processes with us, and a few reader-submitted Style Notebook ideas for some of the sweaters from the most recent issue. Have a great weekend.