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Twist Collective Blog

Throwback Thursday: Stormsvale

We are having a little reprieve from cold weather in Toronto. I biked to work the last two days, and without a jacket or scarf!! It's been lovely to be outside in springlike weather, but also with the stunning falling leaves. I was wearing a pretty snuggly sweater today, but it was open at the neck, and once it was dark, I will admit to being lightly chilly for my ride home. It was dark at 6pm, because daylight spending time is the literal worst. 


I pictured this exact sweater in my head. I wished I was wearing Stormsvale.



full shot



In addition to being  classic and pretty, the colorwork bands over your throat and wrists are nice and toasty. Keep those pulse-points warm, people!! Also the allover herringbone texture is really lovely, don't you think? Let's take a closer look at those stranded bits, shall we?



waistline colorworkcollar color



I don't know if you share my fear of steeks, but if you do, this might be a great project to cut your teeth (cut your steeks!) on. The colorwork bands for the neck and waist and knitted in the round and then sliced open like magic. I believe in you.



Robin also wrote an amusing and very helpful blog post about Stormsvale, which includes a bunch of other possible color combinations, in case choosing from an infinite selection of colors seems overwhelming to you. There is some math, which I found charming.



This beauty is from our second issue ever, from Winter 2008! It's a special issue to me, because it's the first one that I had any hand in! I wasn't on the masthead yet, but you can see my name nestled in the thank-yous. Happy #throwbackthursday everyone!



Twist Style Friday: Sissonne

Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.


It's Friday!


I had to bust out my fingerless gloves last night, some volunteers I work with were hosting a walking tour of neighborhood history, so we were a group of weirdos walking around in the cold night air for a few hours. I think after being alive for close to 32 years, I may have finally figured out how to dress warmly, so with my assorted woolens, I was fine. In some ways I have always been old for my age; tonight I was everyone's granny. I brought a couple of extra pairs of gloves in case someone was underdressed. They came in handy (see what I did there?).


Sweater season is totally here, in Toronto anyways. I'm sort of thrilled about it. I am thinking about pulling my Ravenscrag WIP out of hibernation so I can actually wear it this season! If you don't already have a sweater on the needles (ok ok, even if you do...), consider this delightful prospect.



collar and yoke detail



Sissonne is an asymmetrical cabled cardigan with a pretty curved hem and a cozy folded collar. The cables are lush but also minimal, and this stunning yarn is an excellent combo of workhorse polwarth wool and a sprinkle of silk.



curved hem



That mitered edge on the buttonbands is the kind of tiny detail that my knitter brain just LOVES. So tidy, so precise.



backsleeve detail



I think the collar makes this a statement piece no matter what else you're wearing, so you decide if it's the only bold piece you want to wear, or if bold on bold is more your style. The color combo of this stunning pale ocean with cool grey and pinky red was really talking to me, so I did some variations on that as a theme.



three outfits



How will you wear Sissonne?


Throwback Thursday: Urbanite

Hey everyone! We are throwing all the way back to Fall 2009 today, to a really stunning men's pullover. Do you remember Urbanite?



full view



I find the cables in this piece positively hypnotic. It's a great sweater in a classic shape, but the knitting looks SO fun! Certainly, if you have a few skills in your toolbox for making alterations for patterns, you could make this for a person of any gender (and any body shape).






When I went back to look at it, the shoulder detail really struck me. It's a continuous rib panel from the sleeve right through the collar. Smart, smooth, simple.



shoulder detail

Twist Style Friday: Alodia

Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.



If you saw yesterday's Throwback Thursday, you know I'm covering for Carly this week while she does the amazing things she does when she's not being brilliant here on the blog. I'm glad she trusts me in her absence but I do look forward to her posts.


While she's gone, I get to pick what I want to style next and it's never easy to choose, even this late into the season. I ended up landing on Alodia. This is outerwear for sure but that doesn't mean there aren't styling options to be had.






This piece is equal parts hood and scarf which means it's the perfect accompaniment to a jacket or outfit that isn't quite warm enough to take on the cooling temps.



back view



With that deeply-textured hood, you can get the benefits of a hat minus the inevitable hat-head. For people like me, with long, frizz-prone hair, that is a mighty tempting feature of this beautiful piece.



The great thing about Alodia is that it's practical enough for everyday wear but beautiful enough to be worn out for a special occasion. That's a hard line to walk and Moira Engel pulled it off beautifully. I envision three occasions when I might pick Alodia to finish off my outfit.



three outfits



On the far left, a plaid (of course) fitted jacket with and casual outfit. This is the jacket you can wear to work or the grocery store and since it doesn't have a hood of its own, that hood and scarf combo is really going to come in handy. In the middle, a gorgeously tailored long wool coat with simple lines and a shawl collar, can go over that gown you picked out for the symphony. And at the far right, we get our sparkle on with a jacket that is more form than function. Since it won't keep you as warm as a heavy coat, Alodia keeps the outfit looking polished and you toasty warm. Bonus points for folding up small enough to tuck in a larger purse, if required.

So, how will you wear Alodia?



Throwback Thursday: Luminen

Hey all, Marnie here. Carly is extra busy at her day job and I'm pitching in until she is back to her normal workload schedule. Isn't it frustrating when the day job tramples on the rest of life? She gave me a list of suggested #throwbackthursday options but I already knew what I wanted to do because I've been looking at old patterns and this one always feels under-appreciated to me. 



Luminen by Mari Muinonen is just, wow. If you recognize that designer's name it's because she designed one of Twist's most popular patterns, Sylvi, a take on Little Red Ridinghood that is downright breathtaking. Well, Luminen is the Ice Queen's answer to Little Red's jacket and it doesn't skimp on the details.

Right away, you notice the pockets which are edged in cables that run straight up the center-front and into the hood. Give 'em a gander.


These cables are beautiful enough to stand on their own but check out the business in back.


That sound was me swooning. Look at those beautiful snowflakes.

I love this piece in white and it seems true to the vision, but since the snowflakes are knit individually, I think this would be just as stunning in almost any shade of blue from icy to navy, but really, there's no limit to the colors you could choose. It's your piece, after all.




What do you think? Is this a piece that you missed when it was first released? Check out all the details and let us know what you think using the hashtag, #throwbackthursday