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Twist Collective Blog

Design Process: Passiflora


Today, Julie Turjoman talks about her debut design for Twist Collective, Passiflora.

Photo Credit: Caro Benna Sheridan


Nature often inspires my designs and Passiflora, the passionflower, is no exception. It is a tenacious climbing vine that reminds me of nothing so much as exuberant lace. Our neighbors have one growing over the fence between our two gardens, and every summer I find gorgeous passiflora blooms and vines wrapped around everything from my tomato stakes to a nearby hedge, and even throwing up shoots in my garden beds several feet away!

The modest lace motif on the tunic front gives way to a surprise in back, where the motif expands outward to create an undulating, airy and open repeat. I like to add this kind of unexpected design element to my garments, often because - as is the case with this project - it gives the wearer more options in how to style it.

Photo Credit: Caro Benna Sheridan

The graduated-length side lace motif is subtle but adds an important feature; in the heat of our northern California summers, any and all "air-conditioning" in clothing is welcome! I also chose this element because it makes one look twice at the wearer, whether at the hint of skin underneath or at a contrasting color camisole seen peeking through the lace. It was these motifs winding up the tunic sides that made me certain I'd name the project after a climbing plant.

I wanted it to have a comfortable but flattering shape that draped loosely around the waist and hips but fit more snugly around the bust in order to open up the lace motif. When I saw the beautiful dusty purple shade of Elann's Incense yarn, I knew I'd found the tunic's name because the Passifloras growing over the fence into my garden are exactly this color.