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11.17.13 Original version

Page 1 - In the middle column, the second to last line should read: "15 ½, 16, 16 ½)" / 35.5 (37, 38, 39.5, 40.5, 42)".


04.11.14 Original version

Page 1 - In the third column, the 15th line from the top should read: "...Chart A are complete, change to St st on back..."


07.28.14 Original version

Page 2 - In the left column, the instructions specific to Sizes 31,
34 ¾, 39 ¼, 43 ¼, and 47" / 78.5, 88.5, 100, 109.5, and 119.5 cm ONLY have changed to the following:

Work 2 rows even.
Work Raglan Inc row A.
Work 3 rows even.
Work Raglan Inc row A.
Rep last 4 rows 2 (2, 0, 0, 0, -, -) more times. 260 (280, 304, 324, 352, -, -) sts.

Page 2 - In the middle column in the second paragraph, Next row (RS) now reads: "* Knit to marker, sm, work Chart C over 14 sts, k6 (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18), work Chart B over 14 sts, sm; rep from * once more, knit to end."

Page 2 - In the right column in the second-to-last paragraph, Next rnd now reads: "K2 (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), work Chart B over 14 sts, sm, k30 (32, 34, 36, 42, 50, 56), sm, work Chart C over 14 sts, k2 (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)."


08.10.13 Original version

Page 1 - In the right column, the second-to-last paragraph now ends with "Break yarn. Slip next 20 (20, 20, 22, 24, 26) sts to right needle."

Also in the right column, the last paragraph with the heading "Divide for front and back" now begins with "Rejoin yarn."


11.18.14 Original version

Page 2 - Four stitches in Chart A have been revised. In row 1, st 23 is now a yo (symbol is an empty circle) and st 24 is now a ssk (symbol is a backward slash). In row 3, st 23 is now k2tog (symbol is a forward slash) and st 24 is now a yo.


Page 6 - In the middle column, the 3rd paragraph from the bottom (above "Right Pocket Lining") has been replaced. The new paragraph now reads: "With RS together, join ends of Collar using 3-needle bind-off. Sew Collar to back neck edge."


04.21.15 Original version

Page 4 - In the right column of the symbols key, the symbols for the last 2 cables (right above "no stitch") have been switched. The 5th symbol from the top now leans right; the 6th symbol from the top now leans left.

Also, the definition for the 5th symbol now reads: "Slip 2 sts to cable needle and hold to back, k2, p2tog from cable needle."


08.01.08 Original version
08.02.08 Yarn yardage and weight corrected. Should read:
Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted (100% extra fine merino wool; 210 yd / 192 m per 4 oz skein) in Dusk.
08.05.08 Page 3 - M1R should be knit through the front loop.

Page 4 - Row 11 of chart should read move m 3 sts to the left and Row 19 should read move m 2 sts to the right.


111208 Original version
122308 Updates made to back and hood charts, clarifications made to text.
05.14.12 Page 6: On row 19, the cable at sts 61-66 has been changed from c6b to c6f.

Necco Wafer

02.21.09 Original version
03.25.09 On the Striped V-neck Inset Chart, the middle set of sizes starting at row 5 should be 6 mos, 12 mos, and 18 mos.


05.28.09 Original version
06.23.09 Page 2 - Column 1, paragraph 1, first sentence should read "With dpns and CC, loosely CO 56 (56, 56, 56, 56, 64, 64, 72) sts, join and work 2 repeats of Seed Stitch (see Stitch Guide)."
05.28.09 Original version
10.31.12 Page 4 - Under Abbreviations, the description of M1R (Make 1 Right) should end with "... through front loop. 1 stitch increased."

Bright Star

11.09.09 Original version
02.08.10 Page 3 - Under Abbreviations, the definition for M1 should read: "Make 1 stitch: Insert left needle, from front to back, under strand of yarn which runs between next stitch on left needle and last stitch on right needle; knit this stitch through front loop (do not twist st)."


03.29.10 Original version

Page 4 - On the Chart, all instances of p2togtbl on row 83 have been changed so they match the key on page 6.

Page 5 - On the Left Leaf Chart, rows 6 and 8 have an additional stitch added to the beginning of the rows. On the Right Leaf Chart, rows 6 and 8 have an additional stitch added to the end of the rows. For both charts, row 6 now reads as "knit 4" and row 8 as "knit 3".

Audrey in Unst

08.09.09 Original version
06.24.10 Page 3 - Under Shape Neck for the Left Front, row 31 should read: "Knit to first group of lace, (k3, yo) 7 times, k1, turn work."
07.15.10 Page 3 - Under Abbreviations, the definition for rev St st is now "reverse Stockinette stitch: p on the RS, k on the WS".

Crown of Leaves

07.27.10 Original version
09.13.10 Page 2 - The cable symbols in the last column of the chart key have been revised. From the top, they are: C2B, C4B, C4F.

Mod Podge

11.14.10 Original version

Stitch counts for the Back, Back Armholes, and Left Front have been revised.


03.25.11 Original version
04.19.11 Page 2 - In the symbol key, the purl symbol is now defined as "p on RS, k on WS".


07.30.11 Original version

Page 4 - An abbreviation has been added: "w&t: wrap and turn. Bring yarn to front of work between needles, slip next stitch to right needle, bring yarn around this stitch to back of work, slip stitch back to left needle, turn work to begin working back in the other direction."

Page 8 - The Hatband Chart is worked in rows, not rounds. Therefore, the right side of the chart should be odd-numbered rows 1–53 and the left side of the chart should be even-numbered rows 2–54.


11.12.11 Original version

Page 3 - On rows 4 and 10 of the chart, a vertical line separating C5F and the next stitch has been added. The 5-stitch cable C5F should now be followed by a separate knit stitch.


04.08.12 Original version

Page 3: In the left column, the beginning of the fifth paragraph has been revised. It should read:

Row 2 and all WS rows: K3, purl to second marker, sm, p1, k3; on other side, k3, p1, sm, purl to last 3 sts, k3.


11.02.12 Original version

Page 5 - On Chart E1, stitch numbers 1–72 have been added below the chart grid. The numbers begin with 1 on the right side and end with 72 on the left side.


Page 2 - On the Shawl Overview, the seventh star of Eridanus (bottom right) has been added. The corresponding chart has not been changed.

The following changes do not affect the shawl's design; all changes concern moving the chart row count up so it matches up with the written directions after Rounds 1 and 2.

Page 3 - Chart A is now Rounds 3–6. On page 1, the first increase row is now Round 7, not 6.

Page 3 - Chart B is now Rounds 8–13. On page 1, the second increase row is now Round 14, not 13.

Page 3 - Chart C is now Rounds 15–26. On page 1, the third increase row is now Round 27, not 26.

Page 4 - Charts D1 and D2 are now Rounds 28–51. On page 1, the fourth increase round is now Round 52, not 51.

Pages 5–8 - Charts E1–E4 are now Rounds 53–100. On page 1, the last increase round is now Round 101, not 100.

Pages 9–16 - Charts F1–F8 are now Rounds 102–156. On page 1, the last two knit rounds are now Rounds 157 and 158, not 156 and 157.


Page 3 - A page showing constellation placement has been added. This is simply an imposition of the shawl overview on the chart overview.

The following changes do not affect the shawl's design; an incremental bead shift does not change a constellation's overall placement.

Page 6 (page 5 if not v.03.01.13) - On Chart E1, the "star" (coordinate is by bead position) at row 83, stitch 54 has been moved to row 79, stitch 62. The star at row 78, stitch 57 has been moved to row 88, stitch 66.

Page 14 (page 13 if not v.03.01.13) - On Chart F5, the star at row 142, stitch 290 has been moved to row 152, stitch 290.


08.06.12 Original version

The following chart revisions ensure that a previous row's color does not show up in the purl stitches of the next row.

Pages 2–4 - For all sizes of the Mittens Chart, in rows 1 and 5 all instances of "purl in CC1" have been changed to "knit in CC1".

Page 6 - For the Hat Chart, in rows 1 and 5 all instances of "purl in CC1" have been changed to "knit in CC1".

For the Earflap Chart, in rows 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21 all instances of "purl in CC1" have been changed to "knit in CC1".