As knitters, we all have in our queue a big project we meet with apprehension, doubting our skill, our patience, our commitment. When Kate gathered us together to make Twist Collective a reality, we knew we had months of work ahead of us, and no pattern to follow except the fantasy of what we wanted from a knitting magazine. But we cast on as knitters do, and now here we are.

We want to thank all of the designers, the yarn companies, and the advertisers who appreciated what we were after, for believing in the idea long before we had anything to show for it, and for trusting us with their work, and their good will.

We also want to thank you for coming around to check us out, and we hope you find it worth your time. We hope that what you find here is inspiring, that Twist Collective will continue to be something you enjoy, and that you, like us, will look forward to what's to come. Welcome!

Kate, Mary, Irene, and Julia