Dear Problem Ladies,
I've been knitting for about six months now. I have, therefore, reached the point that I do not remember Life Without Knitting. Knit knit knit. It's so damn good. Why is it so good? (That is not my question. It's just rhetorical. Why oh why is knitting so.dang.good?)

Here's the thing. The other day I was knitting while sitting on the 30 Gallon Double Tuff Hardy Boy Rubberoid Container that holds my absolutely minimalist starter stash. You know, a few hanks that I have picked up here and there because they were purty and/or they were 20 percent off and/or they were hand dyed by some lady at school - that sort of thing. Clicking away, I noticed something.

What I noticed is that the lid would not stay on the container. It kept bouncing me off (which totally messed up my gauge). Problem Ladies: I don't mind telling you that I am not a small woman. I got to thinking, if this is six months' worth of accumulated yarn, what will my stash look like in six years? What will my house look like? And will my husband and I still be living at the same address?

My question to you is this: Do you have any advice on how to keep stash acquisition from getting out of control?