One of the things I love about putting together the Spring issue is the incredible feeling of renewal and energy I get from it. The first projects start arriving just as the snow is piling up here in Montreal, and each package is an encouraging reminder that the long winter won’t be so long after all. Now, with warmer weather in sight, I can’t wait to get started on something new and hope the projects on the pages that follow inspire you to do the same. You’ll find lots of lovely layering pieces and sweet little knits to keep you busy through the summer, plus a bunch of must-have basics to carry you through ‘til Fall.

As this issue goes live we’re getting ready to dive into our next issue, fueled, as always, by your feedback, our wonderful designers and the incredible support of our advertisers. Your energy, excitement and your continued support through pattern purchases and visits to our advertisers are what keep Twist running, allowing us to keep the fresh ideas and incredible designs coming.

Happy knitting!