Yo My P.L.s!
How do I tell a newish knitter in my knitting group that she needs to branch out from raglans? Her shoulders droop and her bust sags and she looks four inches shorter and ten inches wider. She would look so much better in a set-in sleeve. But she persists with raglans because they are “so easy,” and that's what her mother always made, so she already has all these patterns. Extra credit if you can talk her out of using cotton yarn so her stitches won’t come out all wonky.

Tracey (not her real name) (actually her real name)

Dear Problem Ladies,
I have yarn. Shedloads of yarn. (Well, not quite literally shedloads—perhaps ten dog kennels’ worth of yarn.) I also have patterns. Lots and lots of ’em. I even have a little time to knit at the moment. I am a lucky duck, I know. My problem is this: I can match the patterns and yarn together pretty well, but then they never seem quite the perfect match for one another. Too much yarn left over, perhaps. Or the yarn is too sproingy for the pattern or something. Or not quite the perfect shade of gray. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just making excuses not to knit. What can I dooooo, Problem Ladies?