Nowhere is a yarn's construction as immediately evident as in garter stitch. There's just something about the acute three-dimensionality of that purl ridge that exposes all to the eye, every time.

Garter is one of my favorite stitches to swatch, and it's what first drew me to Liisa Nieminen's Channa. While not actually knit in garter stitch, this oversized sweatshirt/boyfriend sweater is knit in a gloriously simple—and revelatory—ridge pattern in which one purl row accentuates three otherwise smooth stockinette ones.

The original pattern calls for Fibre Company Acadia, a delicious two-ply blend of 60% Merino, 20% baby alpaca, and 20% silk. The fibers have been blended until slightly lumpy, with heathered color variations that add to the nuance. On its own, Acadia is a fine choice for this sweater. The two plies push away from one another constantly, rendering the garter ridge in fabulous corrugation.

But it's always good to swatch other options, right? So I decided to start with a somewhat predictable construction before moving to less likely and, at last, a complete wild card.