If you know my work, you probably think of me as just a knitter, but my first love is crochet. I am largely self-taught in the fiber arts, though I got a bit of a nudge forward from my knitting mother and crocheting father. One night, I raided my dad’s crochet stash and found a 1970s-era crochet pattern book that had it all: bikinis and capes, fedoras and more. To 7-year-old me, it was a treasure trove and it kicked off two decades of a near-exclusive passion for crochet. In college, I could be found working as technical support in the computer lab and when it was slow, I’d be cranking along on an afghan in acrylic yarn sold by the pound.

It wasn’t until my late twenties that I went from being someone who knew how to knit, to being, well, the kind of person who knits, designs knitting patterns, and writes about knitting technique, but I’m still sad every time I hear a knitter speak dismissively about crochet. I don’t know if I’ll convince knitters to take on whole projects in crochet. If Amy didn’t convince you back in Twist’s second edition, what chance will I have? But I do hope knitters will at least consider crochet’s merits as an accent for knitted projects.