The edges of a sweater can have a huge impact on the look and fit of the finished piece. Designers put a lot of thought into which type of edging will best complement the garment as a whole, but that doesn't mean you can't make a sweater your own by changing the edging to one that better suits your style.

Keep in mind, however, that edgings are functional as well as decorative. Changing the style may change another element of the pattern. Some edgings serve to control a particular stitch pattern's natural tendency to curl or roll. Others determine whether the sweater openings will hug the body or swing free or provide weight at the lower edge so a sweater drapes properly. The type of edging can impact the "feel" of the sweater as it is often the detail that separates sporty from dressy or classic from trendy. Let's look at some of the options that are within the reach of any knitter.