I’ve been teaching knitting for many years now and the most important thing I’ve learned is... knitters have opinions. LOTS of them! I’ve always said get 10 knitters in a room together, odds are there will be 11 opinions (It’s one of my favorite things about knitters). Knitters also come up with the most amazing questions. I’ve been answering your questions in emails, PMs, tweets, in my Ravelry group, and in my advice column for quite some time now and I’m so excited that “Patty’s Purls of Wisdom” is now joining Twist Collective. This column will be a space for questions and opinions, and I couldn’t be more excited—just think of me as the Dear Abby of knitters.

There’s no question too technical, nerdy (love nerdy!), or etiquette sensitive. This is your safe space. From how to navigate “will you knit that for me?” questions to “what’s the best way to join a new ball,” we’ve got you covered.

We are here to talk about ANYTHING: techniques, tips, how-to’s, knitting etiquette, lifestyle questions, you name it. Doesn’t matter how silly you think it is. (In fact, we encourage the silly, as it helps us keep life in perspective.)

Let’s all learn from each other, and let’s start talking knitting! E-mail your questions to: pattyspurls@twistcollective.com and put “PATTY’S PURLS” in the subject line. Tell me a little bit about yourself, and your knitting, and share with me your knitting concerns, questions, or tragedies—and make sure to tell me where you’re from.

So without further ado, let’s go to the inbox: