I’ve got to come clean with you.

I’m known as a minimalist knitter. I’ve written about it in this very magazine.

But here’s the truth: I’m a maximalist who would love to be a minimalist but probably never will be. My stash is still on the small side, with all yarn reserved for specific projects (please don’t make me prove that—I can’t justify the cashmere except that it’s cashmere).

My intention is always to finish a project before starting the next. (Okay, I’ll wait till you finish laughing.) As Jamin Canty of the Knitmore Girls says, "Ooh, shiny! What old project?"

Yep, my biggest problem is startitis. I know you understand this. There’s nothing like the lure of a new pattern. You see it sparkle before you, linked in a friend’s Facebook post or as you scroll Pinterest while you wait for the coffee to finish brewing.

This is the sweater you need. It’s the sweater you’ve always dreamed of. It’s cabled, with a hood—just enough detail to keep you interested, and simple enough to be able to watch Netflix at the same time. (And let’s face it. If you wear it, you’ll probably end up living in an Irish castle. We all feel this, right?)