Dear Patty, I love to make my sweaters on circulars—even cardigans. That way I know all my pieces will line up. Are there any guidelines to know when a pattern calling for "separate pieces seamed after knitting" cannot be changed to knit as one piece?


Dear Stashmaven, I remember when I first learned to knit in the round, I started converting every pattern for circs. After I learned about balancing stitches the hard way, making a k2, p2 ribbed hat that ended up k2, p2, k2, p2 . . . k4 – doh'!, I moved on to other more advanced mistakes. When I started converting sweaters I also learned the hard way that seams add structure. My biggest FAIL was when I converted a flat, all rib sweater, knit in negative ease, to in the round. Think about another item of clothing all in rib, knit in negative ease—tube socks! You know how when you walk, the rib of your tube socks torques and spirals around your leg? That's exactly what my sweater did when I walked!