In the last issue I wrote about discovering the kind of knitter I am (garter-stitch, sock-weight yarn, 4mm needles), and how my ability to relax into my knitting is central to my enjoyment of the craft. It's central to my mental health, too, if we're being totally honest here.

I didn't mention in that column that ten years after discovering what I love most about knitting, I hit a new level of satisfaction while I was on a plane. During my family's flight to Hawaii over winter break, I hit a special spot of nirvana when, for the first time, I knitted and read at the same time. Yup, it was stockinette stitch in the round, and yup, it was on an e-reader I could prop up in front of me and tap to advance pages.

The project I was knitting on the plane is one I'd set aside for much of the month of October while I indulged a compulsive need to carve stamps for Halloween. (Yes, when I put a project down in October it's totally my M.O. not to pick it back up again until late December.)