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by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne  


The Secret to Copious Knitting

Dear Problem Ladies


I would actually like to know how to knit more. Your combined productivity is amazing: knitting for books, personal knitting, knitted upholstery (fer gosh sakes!), and now this column! How do you do it? What is your secret?





Dear Daisy,


Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. We’ve been over this many times. The mountains of knitting with our name on it are attributable to a simple behavior modification technique that we have practiced for many years. Here’s how it goes: every five minutes, pause. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Straighten your chakra and give your chi a good shake. Then ask yourself: (a) Am I knitting? If the answer is yes, continue knitting. If the answer is no, ask yourself (b) Could I be knitting? If the answer is yes, get your knitting and get on with it. If the answer is no, take a deep breath and think of what you could do to make this moment a knitting moment. Then stop sleeping, eating, or –for God’s sake, woman--vacuuming, and knit, already.


It’s not a question of knitting fast. It’s a question of knitting all the time.

problem ladies

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