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by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne 



Holey Sock Gusset, Batman!

Dear Problem Ladies:


Here’s one for you. I have given up on doing anything but short-row heels for my socks because I simply cannot pick up the stitches for the gusset. I need some very explicit directions/pictures to help me. I always end up with the wrong amount picked up, and they are always too loose looking at the gussety join. Help!



Dear Flapless,


If short-row heels are working for you, there is absolutely no need in the world for you to feel despondent over your gusset-stitch-pick-up inadequacy. Who cares? If your sock has a heel on it, you’re good. Brilliant, in fact: short rows are not for sissies.


However, if you’ve got that nagging feeling that a short-row heel is somehow the wrong heel for you, we suggest you take a field trip to your local yarn shop—nay, we urge you—to find a human to help you with this. The gusset of a sock is something that is best seen in person, not described in words. That’s just a fact. 


You will quickly learn that picking up stitches along a heel flap is a simple matter of counting carefully. The math of a sock pattern is pretty straightforward, so if you take your time, the stitches want to add up. For a quick look at eliminating that loose bit at the top of the heel flap/gusset join, we direct you to Our Lady of YouTube, that source of comfort in times of trouble. We like this short video from St. Jen of Georgia, aka KatAutumn on Ravelry.



problem ladies

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