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Who: Thank you for your interest in submitting to Twist Collective. We are an independent on-line magazine focusing on knitting and the sister arts. We are always looking for new ideas, and for the most part, we are letting strong submissions drive issue content. However, we will periodically send out a "mood board" or a thematic statement. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on the list.

What: We ask that you send us your design in a clear and professional presentation to better help us understand your ideas. Make your submission stand-alone, and avoid web links as explanation. Designs complete with yarn suggestions (several are appreciated), clear drawings, scanned swatches, and salient design features fully explained will fare better in the selection process than a line drawing labeled "Pullover with the same lace pattern as this sock (ravelry link)." Remember this is a visual medium, so strong visual presentation is recommended.

Patterns must be your own original work, and must not have been published by a traditional magazine, another webzine, or offered for free or for sale on your blog or web site. We may allow a design that you have shown on your blog, but we really believe in the fun of surprises, so we discourage this. If your design has been accepted for publication, we ask that you keep the details of the accepted pattern to yourself.

Depending on the design, we will ask that you imagine your sweater being made by knitters of all sizes, and not just focus on women (or men) of a certain size.

When: We accept designs on a rolling basis using the form here. Designs received after the current deadline will be considered for the subsequent edition.

How: Once your design is accepted for publication, you will be required to sign a publication contract, and to send in the completed garment in the requested size, in yarn of our choosing by the date the Creative Director assigns to you. The written pattern will be due at the same time to allow time for technical editing and magazine layout.

We pay designers a healthy percentage of their individual pattern sales in rolling installments as explained in the publication contract.

Please send using the form here.

Articles: Twist Collective cheerfully respects the territory of the traditional magazines and feels that they do what they do well. Therefore, we will leave such things as yarn shop reviews, designer profiles, and first person narratives of life-changing yarn-derived experiences to them.

Which is not to say that truly EXCEPTIONAL examples of these chestnuts wouldn't be of interest to our readers.

Again, we want to see your article/photostory/how-to, or hear about your strong and original idea, clearly explained, with a general guess about word count. Illustrations, video, or photography that will be involved should also be part of the explanation. The computer screen is a challenging medium for the written word, so we encourage pith, brevity, and substance over the verbose, the prolix, and the purple in prose. If a proposed article is incomplete, the Features Director would appreciate a sample of your writing.

Once your pitched idea or completed article is accepted for publication, you will be required to sign a publication contract, and to send in the completed article with all associated materials by the date the Featured Director assigns to you, and then to work with her to finalize the published form.

Compensation rates for features are currently under review.

Please send your article submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The idea of Twist Collective came from a desire to bring talented designers and writers together, to give them a beautiful showcase for their work, and pay them fairly. After publication with Twist Collective, designers have the option of using the pattern as it was produced, photography and all.  Meanwhile, writers have an explicit right to use their work here as the beginning of something bigger, if they like, or just to work out an idea in a publishing format that allows them their own voice.  

Twist Collective is published three times a year, sends monthly newsletters updating subscribers with news and events, and the magazine’s blog supplements issues with contributor and reader content, updates to the site, and other surprises.


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