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Happy Friday blogfans!

This week (in Toronto, at least) has been hot to the point of obscenity, but this has not deterred me one bit from dreaming about autumn. Dressing for fall is my absolute favourite. Layering is the best, because what's even more fun than wearing some clothes you like-- is wearing even more clothes you like! Last week you heard a bit about my affection for fall colours (mustard is the best, wine is also excellent, rusty browns are great too); this week, let's turn our attention to textures and fabrics, shall we? The most exciting one is knits, clearly, but fall is also the time for velvet, suede, leather, corduroy, tweed, and denim.

Without any additional clothing, this sweater already screams fall. The yarn has a tweedy quailty, the colours are warm and earthy, and the shape is easy, cozy, and feminine. Crosstrail, you're a beaut. I would wear this with pretty much nothing else, on chilly weekday mornings while I make coffee, listen to the radio, and have peach crumble for breakfast before heading out to start my day.


Since the silouhette of the top is slouchy, I think keeping the rest of the outfit sleek is a nice counterpoint. I stuck with fitted pants for this first set and my only real regret is that you can't have a tactile experience of these clothes through a computer screen, because the pants on the right are suede, and the pants on the left are velvet. Plus the blue purse in the middle is Georgia O'Killing me with adorable.

Crosstrail with skinny pants

Maybe you could tell that boots are another thing I love about fall. I was also curious to see how this sweater would look over dresses, and what seemed to be true was that it can work is the skirt is fairly fitted. I think it could also work over a gauzy maxi skirt, especially if you have long wavy hair and freckles.

Crosstrail with dresses

How would you wear your Crosstrail?