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Fiona EllisHappy Friday twistfans!! This week we are doing something a little bit different with Style Friday. The idea of these posts was always to help you, readers, to imagine the garments from the magazine in your own wardrobe. This week, instead of seeing one garment in many circumstances, you'll see several garments, on different humans! Fiona (of the perpetually gorgeous cable designs) is our guest style columnist this week! Enjoy. I'm also going to show you what I wore that night, because it's a Twist project- my Pont Neuf made her debut (not pictured: 14 hole puple Doc Martens). After that, it's all Fiona.



my mega-cropped Pont Neuf


Hi there- Fiona here today!

Style Friday is usually about showing you different ways we imagine wearing the garments from the latest issue. This week we are going to show you something different: beautiful women wearing the garments in understated classic wardrobe looks.

A few weeks ago Twist Collective took the garments from both the Spring/ Summer 2012 & Fall 2012 issues on the road for a fashion show at the Toronto knitting guild- Downtown Knit Collective. It was a super fun evening with Kate & Carly in attendance along with local designers Glenna C, Elizabeth McCarten, Laura Chau & Barbara Gregory…and I acted as host. Glenna is not only a great designer but also a photographer- she took the pics (note- clicking on the pics will take you to the pattern page).


designs spread out backstage

I put a call-out to the guild members to see who would be willing to model for the evening and got a ton of eager beavers- everybody wanted an even closer look at all those beautiful Twist projects it seems.

I asked the ladies to wear a neutral wardrobe so that it would go with all the different styles we would be showing. I suggested black pants or skirt and a black or white camisole top. But I also asked them to wear funky shoes if they had them – if it’s not about then knits then it’s always all about the shoes isn’t it?





They turned up in lovely wardrobe basics with fun accents, which showed off the garments so so well. I’m pretty sure that most of us have these types of items in our wardrobes already so it’s an easy look to pull together. But basics don’t have to be boring. As these photos show a beautiful classic look with a gorgeous knit can be stunning!





By the way the photo of Svanhild captures the moment when I made the comment about how cool Manon’s (the model) sparkly boots are - I love both Kate’s (who is also in funky boots) & Manon’s reaction in this one.



Here is the link to a flicker page (courtesy of Kim Hume) of behind the scenes shots - I think the models had the most fun of everybody that evening (clicking highly recommended).



Many thanks to Manon, Julia, Karen, Krys, Susan, Vivien, Margaret, Kim, Yun, Jennifer, Juddi, Marie, Kellie, Yvonne, Karen W, Tamara & Suzie!


ready for your close up?


Huge thanks to Glenna C for the photos!