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Hi everyone. It's Marnie, here, filling in for Carly. It's rainy here in Oregon. If you know the US Pacific NW, that won't come as much of a shock. Our winters are generally rainy with a chance of downpour. With all the gray skies, bare trees and rain, I'm itching for some color, so when Carly asked me to take the reins, I was immediately drawn to Julie Blauw's Radius.



Radius by Julie Blauwradius detail



Check out those extra-long sleeves with thumb holes and the pockets. You're sure to stay toasty on those days that aren't quite cold enough for a jacket but are still a bit brisk. I think the gray and red are a perfect combo but with just a dark, light and contrast color needed, you can really customize this for your own wardrobe. How about brown, beige and green for an autumnal feel? Or black white and yellow for a stark modern look? There are a near infinite number of combinations and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the variations knitters make.



So how would I style this? The skinny jeans and red boots are pretty perfect, and here in Oregon, it'd blend right in. I don't know that I'll improve on Kate's styling but I think there are definitely some equally fun options.


radius times three


My first thought, which is always my first thought, was plaid. I love it and not just because my last name is Scottish. Picking up the lines of the sweater motif, the skirt in the middle has a pretty pleated tulip shape. Throw on some tights (teddy bear tights, no less) and some plaid heels and you have a pretty fun outfit. Ok, the tights might be over-the-top but opaque black or even red tights would work just as well. On the right, I wanted to play more with color. Red Doc Martins and cyan jeans and scarf make the whole outfit a riot of color, that still feels cohesive. On the left, I toned things way down and tried to imagine an outfit that could work at the office. Boots and a knee-length gray wool skirt are office appropriate and accessories like bags and hair clips can bring just a little more color into the whole outfit.




But you know what this sweater really makes me think of? The motorcycle I got right after I met my now-husband, Leo. When Leo and I met, we were working together and another woman in the office always called him, Lorenzo. She was the sweetest woman but could never get his name right. When I got the bike, it inherited Leo's alter-ego's name. Lorenzo was a beautiful red Ducati Monster 750. My Radius outfit inspired by Lorenzo should never, ever, actually be worn to drive a motorcycle. Get yourself some good sturdy boots, protective leather, use your turn signal and watch the road, but in fantasy world, stilettos and leather leggings are totally fine. Be careful you don't cause an accident with your gorgeousness.


So what do you think? Can you work Radius into your wardrobe?