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Every Friday we feature one of the garments from the magazine in a post about styling. We suggest different ways to wear the garment in question using mock-ups from Polyvore. We encourage readers to tell us what they think about these outfits via our Facebook page or Twitter, and if folks want to make their own outfits, please tweet them at us with the hashtag #twiststyle. You can find all of the Style Friday posts here.


Hi humans! 


I did it. I put away my winter coat(s). It's supposed to be a little chilly this weekend, but I don't even care. I will continue to wear wool socks and knit sweaters and layered tights and mittens when I go outside, but the coat time of year is over. Daylight savings time always hurts a little the night of, but when I get to wander home from work at a leisurely pace, picking up groceries and vintage dresses on my way and at 7pm it's still light out, that one hard morning is so so worth it. 



I hope the sunshine and vitamin D are lifting all of your spirits too! If you need an extra boost, you can gaze at this superhero snow globe I made last night at a volunteer appreciation event. Now I really want a little Batman so they can hang out together while being showered with glitter. Oh, romance. 



homemade snow globe in a mason jar with robin (of batman and robin) inside.



This is the kind of thing that happens when you put me in charge of crafts. Things get silly pretty fast. Shopping for tiny toys to put inside mason jar glitterglobes was definitely the funniest part of my work day. I got little hockey players and dinosaurs and my little ponies and seashells and it was a hilarious time. 



None of that is really related to this week's sweater, except that Intaglio is just a little bit whimsical. She is also super elegant, cozy, dramatic, and looks really fun to knit. Regardez! 



close up of cowl neck and front of Intaglio, a lavender textured pullover



The texture! The cowl! The color (it's called "blanket fort, guys)!! 



back view of the same sweater, modeled by a brunette standing in a doorframefull shot of the same sweater



The cowl and texture and woolyness take the cozy factor off the charts, and I can imagine wanting to pull this over my head when getting out of a warm bed literally any cool morning. But I think Intaglio want you to show her off. I think she wants to go out. I think she wants you to be wearing really, really great shoes. 



four outfits



How will you wear Intaglio