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Hi humans! 


Last weekend I got snowed on in Montreal and it made me super grouchy. Today is bright and cool in a way that allows for open windows and natural light. I can't explain what a relief it is. I've brought my bike, Tilda Swinton, out of seasonal retirement. Forget the days of layering multiple cardigans underneath a jacket (or my usual-of-late, two cardigans and two spring jackets). Now is the time when your cardigan *is* your jacket. This, my friends, is a time for rejoicing. 


I give you Leadlight 


colorwork and cable yoke cardigan



I'm a sucker for a boatneck, and those cables are maybe perfect. You know those image-lists that get passed around the internet of things perfectly lined up or organized in pleasingly geometric ways? I get the same kind of calming sigh from looking at these cables. 



cable detailback



I have a pretty serious block around colorwork. I fear it. I've done an okay job on a couple of stranded projects but it's definitely out of my comfort zone. I would make this cardigan though. I sort of think it's perfect. Let's take one more look at that yoke before we talk about fashion. 



back yoke detail



Let's talk about pink for a minute here. When I was a small kid, I was OBSESSED with pink. I had a pink bedroom and wanted everything I owned, read, looked at, or ate to be pink. I'm sure it was very annoying for literally everyone. My best babyfriend these days is a toddler named Arthur Ellis, and he shares my affection for all things bubblegum hued. His mum sends me pictures of him looking thrilled, clutching pink purses and umbrellas and boots and sippy cups. He is literally perfect. Later, in my teenage misogynist years, I rebelled against everything coded feminine. No lace, no frills, no dresses, and definitely no pink. I had some complicated times with gender. Now the pendulum has swung back. I like to wear "girl" with a bit of a hard edge, but there is no mistaking that I display femme.  Today's outfits are really pink. Sorry if you hate it! 


three outfits, all really really pink



Shoes with a little masculine styling keep these from being overly twee. Or maybe they're still twee and I just like it that way. Can you believe that those ice cream earrings are real? I want them. I want us all to have them. 


Me, I would wear Leadlight like a cotton candy fool. How will you?