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Good morning lovelies. 


I just had a slow morning coffee with my darling friend Clara who was visiting this week. When we met (in 2011 I think), I was living in Montreal and she was living in Toronto. For a few glorious years we shared a city, and with her recent relocation to la belle province, the swap is complete. We spent this week doing things that teenage girls do, because we both believe that teenage girls are secret geniuses who know what good is better than most of us. We hung out at the mall, went to thrift stores, painted our nails, listened to pop music, drank too much coffee, and laughed our butts off.  Last night there was a rousing game of Therapy (the literal best board game ever). 


This week's sweater could be loved by humans of a number of age ranges! It was one of the ones that stood out to my mom, when she and I looked through the new issue this week. My mom is a knitter, but she is nervous about taking the sweater plunge. I think she can do it! Go mom! 


Look how pretty Anyolite is! 



anyolite short sleeve sweater, modelled



The textured yoke, the lacy column down the front, the cute little sleeves, the easy shape, the neat folded hems... this is a great springtime sweater, and a speedy little knit too! 



yoke detail



Until I took a closer look at the side view photo below, I hadn't even noticed that chevron column down the sides, and now it's the detail I am probably most excited about. Look! 



side detail



I resisted to urge to go full teenage girl on this styling set, because I want you *all* to know how pretty you will look in this sweater, and so much fashion advice focuses on really young women, but the little winks are in there. Plus I want you to know that the shoes on the bottom right are the exact ones I found at a secondhand shop yesterday for $19 and they are even cuter than they look in the picture. I think Clara is my shopping good luck charm. I hope you all get to spend the weekend with some people who make you feel just a little bit magical. 



How will you wear Anyolite