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I have to tell you, fashion fans, this issue's Swatch It sweater feature tickles me. I love a new take on a pattern we haven't seen in a little while (one of the reasons I love working on the Throwback Thursday blog posts), but more than that, these sweaters are like little artifacts of Twist Collective history.  



Fall 2008, Spring/Summer 2016



Jaali was originally published in our inaugural issue, Fall 2008. I joined up with Kate near the end of that year, mostly doing odd jobs, sometimes assisting on photo shoots, helping with yarn assignments, and assorter gopher-type tasks. It was a pretty big thrill for me to be working on such an amazing publication.


Showing the patterns with different clothes and on different bodies was something that we talked about from the beginning. One of our first ideas about how to manifest this plan was to have a bunch of people wear the samples with their own clothes, and take photos for the blog. For starters, a "bunch of people" was me and my knitting friends. Kate gave me a rubbermaid full of sweaters and shawls, and my darling friend Mara and I headed to Sue (our most recent cover girl!!!)'s place, and we spent a whole day trying on these amazing things and taking photos. Here is a silly one of the three of us (those are Ardent, Rebecca, and Stormsvale, in case you were curious). 



Carly, Sue, and Mara skipping in the snow



This was February 2009. Call it a coincidence if you like, but I made one of the sweaters I modelled that day, and so did Mara



Carly wearing the original Jaali Sue wearing the new version of Jaali



I loved wearing that sweater. I never wanted to take it off. It was cozy and sexy and felt a little decadent. I thought a little about that feeling of decadence when I was putting together outfits for this week. 


How will you wear Jaali?