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It's Marnie here. Carly's put me in charge of Style Friday this week and even though she's done a magnificent job of styling two of my pieces, already, this season (check them out here and here,) I'm going to go ahead and style my new shawl, Flechir, as well because I'm shameless and no one can stop me.


I don't know if you can tell but I love designing shawls and over the past few years I've tried to take partial-circle shawls in various directions with combinations of knitted, purled, cabled and openwork stitches that don't come directly out of a stitch dictionary. My original process is a bit like doodling and I refine and rework the stitch pattern while I knit the sample. It means the end product is often a surprise, even to me. But this time around, I had a fairly good idea where I was going, since the individual repeats were relatively simple and I was able to knit up a wedge and play around with different configurations in Photoshop. Here's part of my submission, showing how a single repeat could be combined in a variety of ways to get a different look to the finished shawl. Kate chose the three-quarter view and assigned me the perfect tweedy yarn and away I went.



submission swatch



I just love the way Kate styled this whole shoot. The gradient of flowers in the backdrop give a warm, springy feel and appeals to that side of me that loves everything girly, frilly and bright. Since the shawl is a three-quarter circle it's a cinch to wear. Drape it over your shoulders or wrap it around your neck and it stays in place without a need for shawl pins or constant adjustment.



full shawl



So how would I style this shawl? I can see it working with a lot of outfits, and this sky-blue colorway compliments a surprising number of colors. On the left, I offer a little nod to my college years. Are Doc Martins ever truly out of style? I don't know but I wore them almost constantly in the late 90s. In the middle is pure aspirational styling for me. I have a long torso and short legs so jumpsuits are generally not an option for me. I'll let you imagine why. Let's just say that hemming isn't the issue. And check out those shoes. That's certain destruction for me and I want them so much. I'm sure the ER would admire them as they are cutting them off my broken ankles. On the right is a simple, day outfit suitable for the office. Shawls can be fancy, but a DK-weight piece worked in a good wool blend can also be functional and utilitarian even as it ads a bit of chic sophistication to an outfit.





That's how I see this shawl being worn, how would you wear Flechir