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Happy Friday! If you're north of the border, happy Canada Day! If you're in Toronto, happy Pride! I'm a bit of a grump about human society, but I also think we have a lot to celebrate. 


I'm not much of a party guy, so celebration can look like fizzy beverages and strawberry shortcake, or like extra naps. Once in a while I feel compelled to join some kind of celebratory thing that is happening outside my apartment, and if that happens this weekend, I'll wear wool, so I can stay warm even if I get rained on. This weekend last year, I got very, very rained on.  I don't have this sweater, but I wish I did! 



back detail



If you're looking at those columns that surround the pretty lace patterns, and wondering what the heck sort of stitch pattern is going on there, you friend, are very astute. They aren't exactly knitted. Those are columns of dropped stitches that have been embroidered using a simple technique, and aren't they lovely? Fiona wrote a blog post about this technique if you'd like to see some process pics. 



full shot



Since this sweater has some stunning details, you can use her to spice up an otherwise simple outfit...but that's not what I would do. I'd want to play off the design elements of stripes and ornate patterns. More is more, and too much is not a real thing. 


How will you wear Reticella