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This post is travelling through time you guys. Some of my favourite humans live in other time zones, so I am somewhat accustomed to time-related discombobulation, and wishing for a tesseract. I'm writing to you from the past (or rather, when I wrote this, I was writing to you in the future). I'm at camp this week, so likely right now I am woefully underslept, excited to soon make my own decisions about when I eat and what I eat, and already sad to leave behind the literal best week of my year. Don't worry, I brought knitting


Most of the time, when I'm going someplace, I bring socks as my travel project. Sweaters can get unwieldy, and blankets are definitely too large to carry around (unless they are made in pieces, like this one or this one). Haden, however, because she is made in two simple pieces and has no sleeves, is a totally reasonable travel project. Plus, if you are a small-sized human, you can make this whole sweater with two hanks of sock yarn. That is a little bit magical. 



yoke and placket detail



Oh, and did I mention, she's cute as heck? Hi Haden. Hello. I like the diagonal lines and the delicate button placket. 



shot from the side



For styling I thought a lot about texture and layering, and about those ice cream cone shoes that are unlike anything I have ever seen before in my whole life. I got a pair of super ripped up jeans a few weeks ago (despite the part of my brain that was all "why are you paying for a thing that is literally 95% destroyed") and it is shocking how much I like them. I have to convince myself to occasionally wear something else. 



How will you wear Haden