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Howdy friends. I'm feeling some weather related smugness this week. I'm still in Vancouver, hanging out with some of my favorite humans. It feels like September here, cool in the mornings, warm in the day, and chilly at night. I wore long sleeves and a wooly shawl to go get an ice cream sundae last night. Meanwhile, my home town is having heat warnings and my friends are all melting. Sorry Toronto friends. I know I say this every year, but OMG FALL you guys. It's the right weather for leather and velvet and corduroy and tweed. It's layers and vests and knitted socks. 




yoke detail



Zellige is a fabulous all season sweater that you should probably add to your wardrobe. She's lightweight, knit at a gauge just a hint looser than a pair of socks. On her own she's exactly the thing for a chilly spring morning. As a layering piece she'll add warmth to your ensemble without added bulk. 



full shot



She's also seamless, and with just a hint of simple colorwork around the yoke, Zellige is a pretty simple knit. I love the raspberry tone of the contrast color, and the slightly boat-y neckline. Maybe you want to show off that single skein of really special sock yarn on the yoke of something just like this? I also love a bracelet sleeve, but make them full length if you're looking for more of a winter sweater. 



side viewback



You already know what a crush I have on autumn, so it shouldn't surprise you that in styling this pretty lady, I went with denim and plaid and boots (and those cassette tape earrings?? Gimme). 


How will you wear Zellige