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Happy Friday, everyone. Marnie here, filling in for Carly which means another one of my reminders that shawls aren't just for dressing up. Obviously, most shawls are too delicate for mucking horse stalls or pouring foundations, so if you spend most of your time doing manual labor, they may not suit your lifestyle, but even those of you more likely to wear a tool belt than tulle probably have a few occasions where you get a little dressier and a shawl is a great way to add a little warmth and a lot of style. 


So let's look at Lithograph.





This piece has all the features of a good, versatile shawl. Worked in a DK-weight yarn in a largely reverse stockinette pattern, the shawl is dense enough to provide real warmth. At 60" wide, it'll cover most or all of your arms or wrap snuggly around your neck. The lace border adds just enough fancy-pantsery to make it suitable for more formal occasions but it's not so frilly that it looks out of place with more casual outfits. While you can work it in a neutral color, most of my clothing is pretty boring so I love having a collection of brightly-colored shawls to choose from.



lithograph wrapped



I can see the start of rainy season, here in Portland, Oregon, has already got me thinking about spring flowers. I'm definitely letting my girlie side shine with this set. I even snuck in one of my own sewn garments. Anyone need a date to a wedding? I already have the perfect outfit.



lithograph styled


Do you think you could find a place for Lithograph in your wardrobe?