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Happy Friday fashion fans! I'm doing some funny time travelling this week, because I actually wrote this early in the week, before heading to Mexico for the wedding of a pair of dear friends of mine. I'm taking a break from packing to kibbitz with you folks about knitting and clothes, while I await responses to my Facebook status post about how many bathing suits, books, and pairs of shoes one should ideally bring to a week-long beach party. 


I won't be wearing any sweaters at all this week, and although I am a lover of the cooler seasons in general, at the moment I am not feeling at all sorry about being in a hot place for a little while. Below you will see a tiny taste of the winter wonderland-ness of my tiny friendcation over New Years, pretty different from the upcoming one. I'm a lucky guy, you guys. 



deer in the snow



We are here to talk about sweaters though, so let's take a look at this week's stunner. Hello there, Epidote



front detailback



The back of this makes me so happy. Just imagine how lovely and squishy all that delicious cabling would feel snuggled against your back. This springy wool comes in lots of great shades, and is kind of a steal






I love the way the cables continue over the shoulders to the back, and down the sleeves. This is a dense knit, but in a fairly fine year, it won't be bulky. 



The blond wood buttons made me want to stick to pretty neutrals (and really great shoes, obviously). 


How will you wear Epidote