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I'm sitting at a cafe with my friend Shannon, writing to all of you. The last time I was at this particular cafe was the weird anomalous day a few weeks ago when it was 16 degrees (Celsius) in Toronto, and I drank an iced americano on the patio with no jacket on. Today I'm wearing two dresses and tall socks over my tights. It's not colder at this time of year than in the true winter time, but folks' resentment about the cold and tolerance for it seems to be at an all time low. 


This my friends, is the time for clothes that are basically very very cute wearable blankets. This is the time for Wafla.



front collar detail



You can wear it with the fronts draped open, or pin it at the lapel; the fabric looks great on both sides, I love anything with a waffle texture, but this sweater really takes that basic up a few notches by integrating big graphic cables into the mix. 



draped openheld closed



This yarn also comes in colorways with more variegation, and I wonder how those would look with this lovely texture. 






My prescriptions for looking like a put-together person when you just want to be in a blanket fort are these: wear edgy shoes and earrings. Add some lipstick, and everyone will think you're great at being an adult. 

How will you wear Wafla