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Hello all, Marnie here. Carly is away so I'm in charge of the blog. I thought I'd use this chance to show off my design for the Winter edition. Arcturus is a half-circle shawl, worked in an intensely saturated merino wool, that shows off the shawl's texture perfectly.






The star stitch pattern that fills the bulk of the shawl is dense and springy, which gives the shawl a ton of insulating ability. Think of the waffle stitch pattern used for some thermal underwear. The star stitch works in much the same way. Since the lacy bits are minimal in this area, the end result is a relatively sturdy shawl that is less likely to snag, so you can really use this shawl, if you are so inclined.  



back view



Winter, in my neck of the woods, is generally gray and rainy and by March, I'm always craving bright colors, so getting to style something bright red is a real pleasure. I use my shawls almost every time I leave the house, unless it's unbearably hot and I won't be going anywhere with air conditioning, and I've styled Arcturus accordingly. Day or evening, I think this shawl can find a place in your wardrobe.


styling arcturus

Can you see yourself wearing Arcturus