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Happy Friday folks! I don't know what's going where you live, but southern Ontario has been downright balmy lately. It often feels like you can blink and miss autumn in this country, and I'm happy to have it sticking around a little longer. I even felt that way when I was navigating my home with a headlamp when the power went out for most of a day last week! 


'Tis the season for layering, friends. Whether you're guarding against the early morning chill, the one after sunset, an overly AC'd office, or a cool breeze, having a sweater or scarf (or both!) handy is just the ticket. 


I'd like you to meet Bereza


light skinned model with long brown straight hair wears an oatmeal cabled sweater and red pants against a background of evergreens


My favourite features: curved, split hem; central spine cable; boatneck; simple shape; maximum coziness. When I clicked on the yarn for more information, I was surprised to see that this is a single-ply bulky weight, because it doesn't look, well, bulky. It does look snuggly though, and lofty. 



close-up of cables on the back of the sweater. two central twists run the vertical center of the sweater, and leafy motifs lean towards the shoulders on either side



With a simple allover lace pattern and stockinette panels where all the shaping happens, you could whip this up real quick if you want to. You can even get yarn and pattern in a handy kit, right here


As for styling, I recommend Bereza as a layering piece over things with clean lines and simple shapes. Have a collar peek out over the boat neck, or one of those cute strappy things that's everywhere right now. 




How will you wear Bereza