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I wore a wool sweater this week. One evening I wore a wool sweater, scarf, wrist warmers, and a jacket. Knitters, our time of year has finally arrived. 


My newest opportunity to knit comes about because a bunch of my favourite people are really into the World Series, and baseball games are LONG. I'm not sure why there are 9 innings, but that sure is a lot of knitting time (especially when it only gets exciting in extra innings). I like championship sports because it's the time when sports are most like movies about sports. There is usually an underdog, and some character development, and some kind of climactic moment. It's great. In game two this week I developed a crush on LA Dodger Yasiel Puig, because he's a dreamboat and also we have the same hair


 Meet Scarrington. A highlighted raglan line always reminds me of the baseball tees I was fond of in the early 2000s. This is a little more refined. 



close up of shoulder and yoke of olive green handknit sweater with cabled sleeves and high neck, modeled by a thin brunette girl with olive skin. there are out of focus trees in the background.



I love the way the diminishing cables flow into the raglan lines. I like the high neckline, and the fabric density. a DK sweater is a solid one to have in your closet. It's lightweight enough to use as a layering piece, but also warm and snuggly enough to go it alone. 



closeup of cabled sleeve and sweater body.



Take a look at those cables!! They're lush in texture without being overly complex, and the hem finish is so lovely and exact. 



model sits in an adirondack chair on a dock, wearing the green sweater and dark floral pants, reading a book. there is a lake and some lush greenery in the background



Grab the pattern and yarn as a kit here, and get to work! You will want to have a Scarrington in your closet when the snow flies. 


I say, go for texture! Leather, tulle, wool, or velvet make for a lush fall outfit, and highlight the textural contrast between the sleek body and cabled sleeves of this piece. 


How will you wear Scarrington